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Villa Rancho Bernardo Health Center is amazing! The staff are super friendly and made me feel really comfortable. The place is super clean and relaxing. The doctors really know their stuff and took great care of me. I feel so much better after visiting. I totally recommend it!

Thank you!

Jim B.

5-star, Google Review

Highly recommend this facility for anyone seeking top-notch care and a supportive environment. Super convenient location as well. Thanks to the administrative staff and nursing staff for the great care.

Dina G.

5-star, Google Review

Love working here good staff and love the patients.

Ana V.

5-star, Google Review

The nursing facility provided exceptional care for my loved one. The staff were attentive, compassionate, and went above and beyond to ensure their comfort and well-being. The facility was clean, well-maintained, and had a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Communication with the staff was easy, and they were always available to address any concerns or questions. Overall, I highly recommend this nursing facility for anyone seeking quality care for their loved ones.

Deric S.

5-star, Google Review

Villa Rancho Bernardo has the best staff to work with, and tremendous extraordinary customer service. 

Jose L.

5-star, Google Review

The couple months that I’ve been working here I have noticed the great staffing, the great teamwork, and the best patience towards the patients!


5-star, Google Review

For a big building, employees are doing the best they can to maintain the quality and the service of the facility. Communication is very important and it exceeds the expectations of visitors and employees


5-star, Google Review

The staff (from Managers, Nurses, CNA’s) are very helpful, they are also very respectful to the patients and to the families. The clinical staff area highly educated and they really very good at what they are doing. The nurses are very compassionate and they are quick to respond to calls. The place is very clean, and they have a nice place outside as well. I Highly recommend this facility!

Juno M.

5-star, Google Review

Great Nursing Facility!!!The staff are nice and a Happy Environment. Good Job.

Kenneth M.

5-star, Google Review

My friend was confined or stayed in this facility and he received an excellent care from all the staff here. I would recommend this place as one of the best facility for care and rehabilitation.

Jacob C.

5-star, Google Review

Great hospitality, great staff, and warm welcoming environment.

Reiden B.

5-star, Google Review

Villa Rancho Bernardo Skilled Nursing exceeded my expectations with their fantastic care and great rehabilitation services. The staff’s warmth and professionalism made me feel valued and supported throughout my stay. Their skilled nursing team provided exceptional care, while the rehabilitation program was tailored to my needs, resulting in remarkable progress. I highly recommend Villa Rancho Bernardo to anyone seeking top-notch care and rehabilitation services.

Francis C.

5-star, Google Review

This nursing facility is the best. I did my first job here. I was very nervous but they gave me so much support and love. I have never seen such nice people in my life. Even today I still miss it a lot. If I ever get a chance in life, I would like to work in VRB again because I still miss all the staff there. They are all very loving and caring. DON, Supervisor Unit Manager, CNA All are amazing and respect each other I really enjoyed working here.

Harman B.

5-star, Google Review

I had an outstanding experience during my short-term rehab stay at Villa Rancho Bernardo’s skilled nursing facility. From the moment I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by the attentive staff who exhibited professionalism and genuine care throughout my stay.

The facility itself was immaculate, providing a comfortable and inviting environment conducive to recovery. The rooms were well-maintained, offering both privacy and convenience.

What truly stood out was the exceptional level of care provided by the nursing and rehabilitation teams. They tailored a comprehensive rehabilitation program to meet my specific needs, guiding and supporting me every step of the way. Their expertise and dedication were evident in the remarkable progress I made during my stay.

Moreover, the facility’s amenities and activities were diverse and engaging, enhancing my overall experience and contributing to my recovery. The on-site services, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and recreational activities, were seamlessly integrated into my daily routine.

The dining experience was exceptional, offering a variety of nutritious and delicious meals that catered to individual dietary requirements. The culinary staff was accommodating and ensured that each meal was both enjoyable and suitable for my needs.

Furthermore, the administration and support staff were always available and responsive, addressing any concerns promptly and effectively, which greatly contributed to a stress-free and comfortable stay.

In conclusion, my time at Villa Rancho Bernardo’s skilled nursing facility for short-term rehab exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The compassionate care, personalized attention, top-notch facilities, and holistic approach to rehabilitation truly set this facility apart. I highly recommend Villa Rancho Bernardo to anyone seeking excellent care and a supportive environment for their rehabilitation needs.

Gia G.

5-star, Yelp Review

Villa Rancho Bernardo surpassed all expectations for my short-term rehab stay. The caring staff, pristine facility, and tailored rehabilitation program made my recovery journey smooth and effective. Highly recommend this facility for anyone seeking top-notch care and a supportive environment. Super convenient location as well. Thanks to the administrative staff and nursing staff for the great care.

Cynthia C.

5-star, Google Review

My grandmother was at Palomar for a knee replacement. She ended up needing rehab and after touring multiple facilities in Escondido, this facility was by far the best. Really nice and big rehab room, they had the biggest rehab room out of all the facilities I toured. Really kind and caring staff. I definitely feel like not only did my grandmother receive 5-star care but so did my family. We were kept in the loop the entire stay. Thank you guys. Appreciate all the hard work. Would definitely put another loved one here if ever needed.

Sofia A.

5-star, Google Review

This is the 4th time my mom had to stay at this facility, I have nothing but good things to say about the entire staff. The place is much nicer and cleaner than the last time my mom stayed there. Great, friendly people, very kind, and they are working so hard to make sure the residents are being taking care of. The CNAs are great. The nurses are awesome. The maintenance department staff are so helpful, Elbert M. is a great friendly gentleman. The front desk ladies are always greeting people with a sweet welcoming. Ava, my dog loves the Rehab, and got to know almost everyone since we are there to visit my mom twice a day. My mother is going home next week, and we will miss seeing everyone at VRB. Thank you so much Villa Rancho Bernardo. God bless you all.

Fariba B.

5-star, Yelp Review

Facility is very well-cleaned, the reception area as well as the waiting area feels very welcoming and open. The more I observe and hear the staff engage with the residents, I overall would recommend because the authenticity of their care team is something very much needed in this type of field.

Abbie F.

Yelp Review

When my father was hospitalized and needed to go to a rehabilitation facility, Villa Rancho Bernardo came highly recommended by our friends and some staff at the hospital. They have state of the art equipments and rehab staff was superb. Dr. Mallo answered all our questions, made it an easier transition. Nursing staff took an excellent care of my father and made him feel comfortable in every way. I know working with elderly is such a challenging job and were so glad we found Villa Rancho Bernardo, they’re one of the reason why my dad is now home and healthy again.

Reynoldo D.B.

Yelp Review

The facility and staff were wonderful especially Ime who was compassionate and attentive towards my mother.  She would always respond if we needed anything,  she treated my mom like family.  Also David from the P/T staff was terrific. He could figure out my mother’s arm sling and fit it properly on her. It is this kind of special care and attention to those who are recovering from serious medical issues that make the VRB facility a 5-Star care center.  We are pleased and very happy to have our 83 year old Mom back at home with us. Blessings to all of the VRB staff.

Shawn S.

Yelp Review

My mom came here after second knee replacement surgery. She greatly benefited from the physical therapy she received daily and was able to quickly get on her feet. We found the staff pleasant and attentive to all her needs. The nurses were caring and came by quite often to make sure she was comfortable and that she was doing well. There always seemed to be someone readily available and willing to help whenever we needed anything or had a question. The facility was well maintained inside and out. We would surely recommend this facility to our family and friends.

Rich G.

Yelp Review

I had visited a few nursing homes but I really like services at Villa Rancho Bernardo SNF. The staff nurses were friendly, caring and doing the best to treat patients like family members. Angela and others always helped me out when I was asking for. Beside the physical therapy group are also amazing people like Matt, Bi, Becky, Jim, Many, Orville, Ian, etc. They were so dedicated to help my wife recovery daily function better. I also thanks to administrators like Joseph Frank, Marlene, Joanne, their support made the process of recovery became easier. I was enjoying every moment there. Best regards.

Mike D.

Google Review

This is the only place I would put my 83 yrs old Mom , this is her 2nd time at VRB. We have such a good experience here . Staffs are exceptionally the BEST. They’re very competent & knows exactly what they’re doing. Special mention to Raeanne from admission office, Nurse Gretchen, Nurse Lydia, CNA-Martha, & my Mom’s favorite Pt/Rico . They treat my Mom like family. Thank you for making my Mom feel at home. She has the best care at this facility & we highly recommend Villa Rancho Bernardo.

Charry D.

Google Review

Sadly, my husband died from complications of Parkinson’s disease.  I am filled with gratitude and respect for the staff at VRB.  They took care of all of his needs with compassion and knowledge.  He was kept comfortable, clean and loved by all there.  He passed surrounded by familiar faces and voices right up until the end.  They were especially kind and supportive to me as well.   We were given the proper tutelage to make it through this horrific time.  I am forever grateful……

Jane K.

Yelp Review

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